What should I look for in a quality leather jacket ?
Shopping for a leather jacket can be a confusing process. There are many choices out there, and numerous levels of quality. The thickness, grade, tanning, workmanship, stitching, embellishments, and type of animal will all affect the price.

How do I avoid buying a fake leather jacket ?
There are a variety of fake and “hybrid” leathers out there, and they are intentionally marketed to confuse shoppers.  PU, pleather, naugahyde, vegan, and bonded leather are just a few examples of fake leather.

How are your jackets different than other jackets ?
Real leather has a unique feel, weight, and smell to it that “faux” leathers cannot reproduce. When you try on one of our jackets, you just know it’s the real deal. We use .9mm, 1.2mm, and 1.6mm top grain cow hide, buffalo hide, and steer hide leather. Our jackets are dense, solid, and thick, to give you protection from both a bike fall or from the elements.  We only use solid brass YKK zippers, fine quilted linings, and double stitching with reinforced threads. Our jackets are timeless, and will last you for many years.

What is vintage fit ?
It’s very important to remember when ordering that our jackets are not only vintage styled, but also vintage fit. They have a tighter and slimmer fit than most leather jackets on the market. Our jackets cloak, support, and hold you.  While lesser quality mass produced jackets tend to "hang" off the wearer's body. Be sure to carefully review our sizing. If you have a few extra pounds or are fairly muscular, you should consider ordering the next size larger.

What about a custom jacket ?
Yes, we also can make you a custom jacket exactly to your particular shape and size. After we send you a fitting chart, you will need someone to take your measurements with a flexible fabric measuring tape.  Email us for pricing and production time.

Do you offer international shipping ?
Yes, we are pleased to ship your jacket anywhere in the world. Due to the wide range of shipping pricing and options between countries, please send us an email before you order and we will calculate shipping and insurance to your location.   info (AT) deizen (DOT) com